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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Who is Allama Nasiruddin Nasir Hunzai?

Prof. Dr. Allama Nasir ud-Din Nasir (Hub-e-Ali)Hunzai is a highly acclaimed writer on Burushaski language. He was born in 1917 in Hyderabad, a small village of Hunza. In his early childhood he was inclined towards the esoteric meanings of his faith, Islam. He was deeply inspired by the preachings and teachings of Pir Nasir Khusraw. He leads the austere life of a "sufi saint" and is a member of Isma'ili Shi'ism.

Allamah Sahib has interpreted the Qur'anic verses from a new perspective. His emphasis is on the inner meaning and wisdom of the Qur'an. He is the author of more than a hundred booklets on spirituality. He was the first writer to coin the terms 'spiritual science', 'monoreality' and 'thousand wisdoms'.

Allamah Nasir is also a Sufi poet and writer. He has written numerous books on the topics of the Qur'an, Islam, Sufism, Isma'ilism and spirituality in general. His books have been translated into English, French, Swedish, Persian, Turkish, and Gujarati.

The president of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan conferred upon Prof. Dr. Nasir al-Din Hunzai the award of Sitarah-i-Imtiyaz on 23 March 2001 in recognition of his outstanding service in the fields of literature and scholarship. He was awarded an honorary PhD degree by Senior University in Canada where Allama Sahib has been associated for a long time as a visiting professor. He has been a pioneer in developing the first Burushaski-German dictionary in association with Heidelberg University, Germany. He has worked with a group of volunteers from the Northern Area of Pakistan in the development of the first Burushaski-English dictionary in association with Heidelberg University, Germany.


  1. To list all the accomplishments of Allamah Sahib, one would but need volumes still then it will not suffice. The scope of work that Allamah Sahib has been able to accomplish in his lifetime is evident by the fact that one of his student i.e. Senior training officer, LG Rubina Barolia ( who is al-hamdu lillah accompanying Allamah Sahib during this visit to UK and USA) is pursuing a doctorate degree on Life and works of Dr. Professor Allamah Nasiruddin Hunzai. Nonetheless, it is realized that we have done no justice in recognizing his contributions. However today when we are gathered here to celebrate the Yom-I Tasis of respected Allamah Sahib, I feel fortunate to have availed this opportunity to highlight some of Sahib’s most significant contribution in diverse fields serving the Ismaili world and the humanity at large.

    Dr. Professor Allamah Nasiruddin Hunzai is a distinguished scholar, poet and researcher from the NA of Pakistan. His literary and scholarly services span 68 years. Dr. Allamah Nasiruddin Hunzai was born on 15th May, 1917 A.D. in the village of Haydarabad, Hunza, His interest in religion was from a very early age.. In his youth he went to the government primary school, Baltit, for ten months, during which he studied the third and fourth classes and then he could not continue. Despite the adverse conditions he continued to acquire knowledge through self-study rather than formal training. In 1939 he was recruited in the Gilgit Scouts during which time he experienced a whole world of learning. At age 22 he joined the army for the period of 7 years. According to Allamah Sahib the greatest and the most useful riyaddat is one, which God Himself imposes on His servant because it’s during and after the God-imposed riyadat that the chain of spiritual knowledge and wisdom continues. Allamah Sahib states that It was the blessing of this extremely arduous riyaday which was imposed on me during my stay in China that I was able to see the wonders and marvels of knowledge and recognition. After the spiritual revolution in China Allamah Sahib commenced his research in three fields

    1. Qur’anic knowledge and wisdom
    2. Devotional literature and
    3. Compilation of dictionary, grammar and other literature in the Burushaski language.

  2. Links to books of Allama Nasir ud din Nasir Hunzai available online.


  3. all muslims spread hatred, except ismailies. im a christian but among muslims ismailies are best.

  4. ismailis please wake up its not too late. understand the true islam because this is waht can save you. donot ask any one's help except Allag as He says in Quran.

    "Do you not know that Allah's is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and that besides Allah you have no guardian or helper?

    "Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech for help."

    "Nay! Allah is your Patron and He is the best of the helpers. "

    "And Allah best knows your enemies; and Allah suffices as a Guardian, and Allah suffices as a Helper. "

    "Those are they whom Allah has cursed, and whomever Allah curses you shall not find any helper for him. "

    "(This) shall not be in accordance with your vain desires nor in accordance with the vain desires of the followers of the Book; whoever does evil, he shall be requited with it, and besides Allah he will find for himself neither a guardian nor a helper. "

    "Then as for those who believe and do good, He will pay them fully their rewards and give them more out of His grace; and as for those who disdain and are proud, He will chastise them with a painful chastisement. And they shall not find for themselves besides Allah a guardian or a helper "

    : "Musa said to his people: Ask help from Allah and be patient; surely the land is Allah's; He causes such of His servants to inherit it as He pleases, and the end is for those who guard (against evil). "

    "And they have no power to give them help, nor can they help themselves. "

    the list goes on and on and on and on on on...

    may Allah help ismailis in guidance to right path....

  5. study ismailism deeply before you say anything about it, you are still stuck with the shariat but islam is a progressive religion, and islam is consisted of four different paths, every path would lead you closer towards the guidance of Allah, if you really want to understand the deeper meaning of those verses you mentioned above, then walk to the other paths, we are not against your faith or any faith in this world, and we do expect that nobody says anything wrong about our faith too, ismailis are already under the guidance of Allah, so seek guidance for yourself my friend..

  6. agreed with love for imam


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