Father Of Spiritual Science & Burushaski language

Professor Dr. Allama Nasir Uddin Nasir Hunzai

Professor Dr. Allama Nasir uddin Nasir Hunzai foundation being the institute for the study of spiritual science senior university international Canada is an internationally academy literary personality. He is an author of over one hundred books on spiritual science. a poet of four languages with spiritual poetry of exceptional quality. A renown linguist, a profound researcher and a courageous social worker .for his outstanding scholastic services he has been given different tittles like Babaya Burushaski, Father Of Burushaski, Lisanul Qalam,TheSports man Of The Nation, Hakeemul Qalaam, the Saige Of Pain, etc. 

He is also been awarded one of the highest civilian ranks by a government of Pakistan Sitaraya Imtaiz (star of distention).

Professor Dr. A llama Nasir uddin Nasir Hunzai was born on 15th May 1917 in Hyderabad Hunza northern areas of Pakistan. The place was a far flung and isolated area than offer very little opportunities for education. His formal learning is therefore spread over a period of ten months only. During which he completed greatly and poor together.    

However been a natural lover of knowledge having an intense and interested internal yearning, to acquire and learn to continue, learning to a discipline, self study.He also made best of the experience and observation of hi life to satisfy his quest. It is at this only that he also started to teach people formally and informally. More ever apart from the first girls school he also founded the first volunteer core in Hyderabad Hunza which for the first time introduced the regular honorary service in northern areas.

This inociation in the given social and political context was an act of extraordinary courage. On 8th April 1939 he was recruited in Gilgit scout. After four years he resigned from Gilgit scout and joined army on 5th October 1943. During this period his literally activities continued. After he resigns from army in 1946 he completely devoted himself for the research on spiritual science, spiritual wisdom and Burashaski language.

He established three institutions to advance his research work in Karachi, namely Khanay-e-Hikmat, Arif and Burushaski research academy. These institutions have branches world wide. Dr. Professor Allama Nasir uddin Nasir Hunzai’s outstanding literature has been translates into English, French, Swedish, and Persian & Gujarati and has reached the major countries of the world. In recognition of his contribution to spiritual science.

Senior university Canada has conquered an honorary degree of doctor of letters upon him and appointed him as a distinguish senior professor. The university latter established the institute for the study of spiritual science and professor Hunzai became the foundation gain of the institute to encourage literary activities and create a harmony and unity among the dividers of northern areas.

Professor Hunzai launched an al-qalam conference in 1992. Through which he distributed awards annually to the prominent literary figures in recognition of their creative and viewers. in the 4th al-qalam conference at Islamabad Professor Hunzai was  awarded two gold medals by two federal ministers representing the ministry of population and social welfare and the ministry information and communication. His research has deeply influenced literary circles in the western universities.

Professor Mianka Maria Amoretti the director of department of oriental studies at Rome University has written an extensive article on Professor Hunzai’s thought for a publication in Italian released by the University of Venus.

 In May 2000 Professor Hunzai organized a spiritual science conference in Islamabad in collaboration with senior university international in which his latest publication Book of Healing was launched by the interior minister of Pakistan. This conference bought a live coverage in national media and. Dr. Professor Allama Nasir uddin Nasir Hunzai was interviewed by Pakistan Television Network exclusively for 14minites. The success of this event was celebrated by his friends and students world wide.

Brushaski research academy was especially established to promote research on burushaski language which is one of the most ancient and unique languages of the world.

The contribution of Dr. Professor Allama Nasir uddin Nasir Hunzai to burushaski language will be recorded as bright chapter in the history of ancient cultures and languages.

He is the 1st poet of burushaski language. His poetry collections had been source of inspiration for all. In 1940 he developed for the first time the burushaski alphabets and added 8 mew letters representing familiar sound to the Urdu alphabets. Giving this language its place in among the little languages. He has worked extensively on burushaski grammar and created literature in this language in a systematic way which has been published in both the Urdu script and the Roman alphabets designed by Professor Herman Burger of Hindenburg university of Germany. His literature includes Burushaski Rhythms, Burushaski Boorjonin, and Burushaski Proverbs, Saweene Barin, Burushaski Grammar, Burusho Birkis, Enay Burushaski Yaarkamasm Bagoo and Dekaran. And two poetry collections are Deewan-e-Naseri & Beehesht-e-Asqaroon.

He is the co author of the 1st Burushaski German dictionary undertaken by Professor Herman Burger at Heidelberg University Germany. The dictionary was launched at Gilgit.  Northern Areas.

In 1978 & 1981 he taught the Burushaski language in the department of the philology and linguistics at MontrĂ©al University  Canada. He was made a research association by the same university, in the recognition of his magnificent work. He is also co author of Hunza Proverbs with Professor Teco. This book was published by Calgary University.

Today even at the age of above 94 who continues his research on Burushaski literature.

Very few of his age are alive now in northern areas, which is known as a living museum of culture, history & civilization. There was a dye need to preserve the oldest words of this language by someone who spoke and understood the language. These oldest words otherwise would have perished with the pressure of urban cultures & languages. Dr. Professor Allama Nasir uddin Nasir Hunzai has given life to a dyeing language. And has done enough woke for future scholars to base their work his research. 

Burushaski language is a mysterious language; its origin is still not known. Dr. Professor Allama Nasiruddin Nasir Hunzai thinks that the history of burushaski either or inside or goes beyond the history of Hebrew language, because there are few words of Hebrew language words in Burushaski language.

This is truly amazing, who knows this discoveries on this language may prove milestone for new imension of a revolutionary research on ancient languages and their relation to different other languages.

Introduction To Burushaski Language
Burushaski (stress on the second syllable) is spoken by some one hundred  thousand people in northern area of Pakistan Hunzakuts, who live in the valleys of the Hunza nagar poneyal gizar and Yasin  and  Gilgit where these cut through the Karakoram Range . The language is not obviously related to any of the  surrounding languages.

The Indic languages of Pakistan or the Tibetan languages of China and northern Kashmir. Although Burushaski has been compared to almost any language on earth, no fully convincing relation-ships have yet been established.

Modern taxonomic methods are, however, beginning to yield results. (1989)  still classified Burushaski as a language isolate its genetic affiliation remains  a complete. Although many adult speakers of Burushaski also speak Khowar, Shina or Urdu, Burushaski is the normal means of communication in both the Hunza and the Yasin valleys it was and still is the carrier of a vigorous story-telling culture. Burushaski is not an endangered language. Until recently, Burushaski was not a written language and original historical material is very scarce.

Some texts have been written down by native speakers at the request of researchers; these texts are in the Urdu Hunza valley, the Hunzakut society has opened up, and literature is now being written in Burushaski. Due to external influences, more than half the present-day Burushaski vocabulary is of Urdu, Khowar and Shina origin (Khowar and Shina are two Northern Indic (Dardic) languages, closely related to Kashmiri and some what further away, to Hindi/Urdu. It is the rest of its vocabulary and its structure that make Burushaski a language isolated. There are perhaps half a dozen loans from Turkish and one or two from the Tibetan language Balti, spoken on the other side of the Karakoram range.

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